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Photo  Divine membership not upgraded
09-26-2019, 12:22 AM

I bought a Divine membership 4 days ago through the forum checkout system, but have not been upgraded yet. There was an issue when checking out where I got all the way up to the part where (I assume) after it receives the BTC, it is supposed to redirect to another page. However, I received a myBB database error  instead. I was able to retain the orderID in the url though. 

I tried to send message to the site owner on discord 4 days ago, but did not receive a response. I understand they are likely busy or maybe didn't see my message. I also created a support ticket in discord channel of this forum 3 days ago ticket-0012, but it is still unanswered at the time of this writing, so I am trying here.

Is the $30 of btc I sent just vanished? I have the tx id for it that shows it was received. Unfortunately, I didn't screenshot the order confirmation page BEFORE receiving the error and it also seems like the ordering system is currently experiencing issues because I can't look up anything related to purchases without getting  a DB error. 

The information I was able to retrieve is below. Can anyone please help me?      

[Image: RMYFEew.png]


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